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This period of rapid development, hormonal changes, the laxity of connective ligaments, and shifting of weight-bearing structures, may cause many pregnant women to experience low back pain.


Chiropractic care can be quite helpful.


Besides helping to relieve the discomfort many expectant mothers experience, chiropractic care helps normalize nervous system function.  This is an important component of overall good health. 

Dr. Corey will take special precautions with you during your pregnancy.


Modifications to the table or adjusting techniques are made during each stage of pregnancy.  Dr. Corey will focus on the location, reduction and stabilization of the vertebral subluxation complex, which can be related to many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy and labor. 


As pregnant women healthily gain weight, it can put added stress on the back and hips. It also causes the posture to shift even while sleeping. Pregnant women may also find the loosening of their joints due to the hormone relaxin, which increases in the third trimester.  The loosening of joints is normal to allow the pelvis to accommodate for the growing uterus, however this can further alter the posture.

Chiropractic sees to offer a drug-free option for pain management to help make pregnancy more comfortable. 

We look forward to taking care of you during your pregnancy, and chiropractic is also safe for children, even newborns. Read more.






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