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about Dr. Corey

Chiropractic is more than you think! Symptoms occur when nerve function is impaired. Chiropractic seeks to relieve the cause of your symptoms and I would love to help you get to a healthy state.

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I'm not in pain, so why do I need a chiropractor?


Is chiropractic safe? Can pregnant women and children get treatment?

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Dr. Renaud is remarkable. As someone who is recovering from trauma and complicated grief, without stating as much in the office or on the table, Dr. Renaud continues to meet my needs for trust and safety with commitment to my idea of healing ... he, as the professional, answered with kind, skilled work and amazing results. 

— RateMDs website


Dr. Corey is a skilled, knowlegeable practitioner. Along with his ability to quickly relieve pain and discomfort, he is compassionate and caring! I love the fact that he is Holistic in his point of view regarding other health issues also. 

— RateMDs website


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